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Collagen and Glutathione: A perfect skincare routine

Posted on January 10 2023

Booti Nutrition Glutathione is a dietary supplement containing ingredients like collagen and glutathione, which promises to fight against skin aging and lighten skin tone. But first, we need to understand why we need to take glutathione and what causes the reduction of vitamins in our bodies. And if taken together with collagen, it adds wonders to the human skin.


Benefits of taking Collagen and Gluta together



Yes, collagen and glutathione work very well together when administered collectively. Despite playing distinctive functions, they complement one another's efforts and work to counteract the negative signs of aging on the skin. Additional glutathione also promotes the digestive process, which is essential for collagen formation. While glutathione reduces the impact of free radicals, collagen is essential for giving the appearance of skin, elasticity and stability. However, combining glutathione with collagen has the potential to improve skin quality by slowing down fine lines and wrinkles. 



Remarkably, combining glutathione with collagen can aid with skin problems. The collagen additives, which are offered as pills and capsules, assist in making up for the decreasing protein content. These advantages are all made possible by #BootiNutrition product lines. 



Glutathione supplements act more deeply inside and with the skin cells to support healthy skin than collagen nutrients, focusing on skin beauty. The body's primary antioxidant, glutathione, fights free radicals. Hyperpigmentation, a disorder characterized by abnormal melanin production throughout the body, is the direct skin manifestation of the harm done to human body components by the existence of free radicals. The pigment in the body that provides skin its pigmentation is called melanin.



The chin, forehead, and nose often exhibit discolored skin with brown or grey areas in women with glutathione insufficiency. Due to its role in the body's conversion of melanin and inflammation, glutathione is used in beautification treatments. When used as moisturizers, creams, or pills, glutathione supplements assist in minimizing skin discoloration, which causes the skin to lighten and brighten


In addition, Booti Glutathione's ingredient helps reduce the deficiencies caused by various factors like aging, poor diet, infections, weak immunity, and stress. 


Most companies selling online glutathione skin whitening capsules in Pakistan encourage their customers to take Vitamin C supplements to help their Gluta capsules' efficacy. However, Booti Nutrition is the only company launched in Pakistan with collagen and Sodium ascorbate, the purest form of vitamin C. Meaning no need to buy extra vitamin C supplements to achieve the skin whitening goal with glutathione. 

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