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Biotin for Hair and Skin Loss

Posted on December 14 2022

Biotin is an alternative medicine used to manage and treat pathological hair conditions. It is in the vitamin class of supplements.

Biotin, also known as  vitamin B7, is an essential nutrient with many health benefits, including converting food to fuel and maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. Consuming adequate amounts of biotin is crucial for hair and nail health. That's because biotin helps produce natural oils in the scalp that help your hair stay healthy. A 2017 scientific review found that biotin supplementation improved hair and nail growth in people with underlying conditions that cause weak nails or hair loss, like brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair syndrome.


Support in various ways


Hair Health Support


Healthy blood sugar management


Skin health support


Nails health support


Signals of biotin deficiency in human body

A biotin deficiency is most likely to occur under conditions such as malnutrition, pregnancy, rapid weight loss and long-term tube feeding. This deficiency may also result from an imbalance of intestinal bacteria or genetic defects. The most significant physical signs of a biotin deficiency are hair loss and a red, scaly skin rash. A slight biotin deficiency may cause psychological symptoms such as low moods and lethargy. Additional signs that you may need biotin supplements include tingling and numbness of the extremities.


Biotin offers several health benefits and is crucial to your body's overall function. Research suggests that consuming biotin supplements carries minimal risk, even in high dosages. Biotin supplements and B-complex vitamins are safe for most people, though they may cause a slightly upset stomach. As a B vitamin, biotin is water-soluble (dissolves in water). It is nearly impossible to overdose on it because your body will flush out any excess through urination.


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