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Biotin: An essential Vitamin for skin, hair and nails growth

Posted on November 30 2022

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. Biotin is essential for hair, skin, and nails health. Biotin offers many bodily benefits, including energy production, making skin smooth, hair strong, and nails shinier. Biotin works by stimulating keratin production in hair and increasing follicle growth rate. So, it helps make strong hair and improves hair growth as well. The deficiency of biotin causes dry skin, hair loss, thinning of hair, and brittle nails. 



For anyone on Instagram or TikTok, biotin is perhaps most famous for its purported beauty benefits. And our experts concur that it does play a role in your hair and scalp health. However, the efficacy of biotin supplementation—beyond the biotin you get from simply eating a balanced and nutritious diet—is up for debate. "Biotin converts glucose from carbohydrates into energy for the body and aids amino acids in carrying out normal bodily functions.



The ingredients in Booti Biotin provides an important source for creating energy and maintaining your body's function as a whole. Like all vitamins, your body needs biotin to stay healthy. There are several systems that biotin helps keep healthy. Some of these include your liver, nervous system, hair, eyes, and more.




 More benefits are mentioned below:


1. Strengthens and thickens: Biotin is well known for its positive effects on hair, including growing stronger, thicker strands,






2. Protects: Because biotin strengthens hair, it is less likely to break off at the ends, promoting and safeguarding length, 






3. Enhances shine: Some research suggests that increased biotin intake can improve overall hair quality, including thickness and shine.






4. Promotes healthy hair and scalp: Biotin improves the infrastructure of keratin, a basic protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. It can improve hair health—including volume and scalp coverage.






5. hair loss: Biotin can fight inflammation, a leading factor causing hair loss. This may suggest that biotin can be used as a preventative measure to combat hair loss.










Biotin is safe to take even at high doses. But taking too much can sometimes cause side effects like stomach aches, trouble sleeping, and excessive thirst. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, or have any medical condition, consult your doctor. Stop using it and reach out to a doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep away from children. Store it at room temperature. Don't use it if the seal under the cap is broken.









Biotin is an essential water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored in the body. So, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements of biotin on a daily basis by consuming biotin-rich foods or adding a good quality dietary supplement to the diet. Otherwise, one may face biotin deficiency. There are good quality dietary supplements of biotin, like BootiNutrition Biotin, available in Pakistan in the form of biotin capsules which help reduce the deficiency symptoms of biotin.