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Lashes and Brows Serum just launched

  • Bold and

    Beautiful Lashes

    Supports Longer Lush Brows

    Halal Certification Booti Nutrition Halal
    Non-GMO-Booti Nutrition Non-GMO
    Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
    ISO Certified Booti ISO-Certified
    Rici Certification cGMP-Certified

How does it work?

Each lash, sulfur is chained in what’s referred a disulfide bond. Once the lashes growth serum is applied, movement starts to break down the disulfide bond that helps the eyelash keep its shape.

Helps to stimulate the growth cycle. Supports healthy follicles, which lead to healthy lashes.

This phase helps build collagen. Collagen may help a role in maintaining the elasticity and strength of your lashes.

Helps protect, repair and strengthen natural healthy lashes and brows.

Eye Lashes and Eyebrows Reviews

I had a minor section on my lash line that was totally lash-less, and I completely saw new lashes starting to grow there.

the result is definitely there. I've also noticed my eyelashes got fuller.

I noticed my eyelashes were longer after about 3 weeks of use. No irritation what so ever unlike other brands.